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How often is the drinking water of Bloemfontein tested?

Environmental Health Practitioners take daily samples from the two main reservoirs (Brandkop and Hamilton Park) and on a monthly basis 55 samples are taken from household taps in order to monitor the drinking water quality in the distribution system.

All samples are analysed at the MANGAUNG Local Municipality’s laboratory for microbiological compliance.

How safe is Bloemfontein drinking water?

The Environmental Health Services Division follows a Water Quality and Safety programme to monitor, evaluate and control the quality of water supplied to citizens to ensure that the water have no threat to their health and well-being.

All the water samples are weighed against the standards set in South African National Standards (SANS) 241-2006.

Our average compliance with standards set by the SANS-241 for microbiological parameters is currently 99,6% – this is well above the 95% of the recommended SANS standard.


What must I do to change my meter to pre-paid in Bloemfontein?

Obtain a clearance certificate from the municipality.

What is the difference between a Mangaung municipal meter and a pre-paid meter?

The rotating meter is when you receive an account from municipality, the prepaid meter is when you buy units from different vending points.

Where can I apply for pre-paid meter in Bloemfontein?

At Centlec’s Customer Care offices.

Where do I make a payment for my Electricity in Bloemfontein?

At the Bram Fischer Building.

How long does the Pre-Paid application take to be processed in Bloemfontein?

Two weeks.

How long does it take for the pre-paid meter to be fixed in Bloemfontein?

It takes 72 hours.

Where do I make enquiries regarding my account?

At the Bram Fischer Building Tel 051-4058276.


Can I dump medical waste at the landfill sites in Bloemfontein?

No, the landfill sites in Mangaung / Bloemfontein are not permitted to handle any medical or hazardous waste.

How can I dispose of medical waste in Bloemfontein?

Medical waste or hazardous waste can only be removed and disposed off by an authorised private service provider.

What are the refuse collection days in the different areas in Bloemfontein?

Please read the following document for all the information regarding collection days.

What is the maximum number of refuse bags each household is allowed to take out on collection day?

Five (5) refuse bags.

What kind of waste items is collected by the Mangaung Municipality?

General waste items (non hazardous waste) viz domestic refuse, light garden waste, trade and industrial waste e.g. waste paper, plastic, cardboard boxes etc.

What is the frequency of refuse collection for households in Bloemfontein?

Refuse collection takes place once a week in Bloemfontein.


What number should I dial to call Police in Bloemfontein?

If you need the Police in Bloemfontein just call 10111

What to do in the case of an emergency like a fire accident in Bloemfontein?

Dial 051-4066666 – Respond to the best of your ability to the questions posed by the Emergency Control Centre staff.

The questions are relevant to determine the nature of the emergency and to ensure that a prompt and appropriate response to the incident takes place.

Will the Bloemfontein Fire Brigade empty and or fill my swimming pool at home?

The pumping out and or filling of domestic swimming pools is not regarded as a core function of the emergency services.

The average domestic swimming pool can be filled within 8-12 hours using a garden hose. Private service providers are also available to render this service.

The Sub-Directorate Emergency Management Services will gladly provide the contact details of the private service providers.

Will I have to pay for fire fighting or rescue services in Bloemfontein?

In terms of the Council’s tariffs a charge will indeed be levied for services rendered by the Fire and Rescue Division.

The approach is however to only charge if a service is actually rendered.

If the fire service is called to extinguish a fire but the fire is put out before arrival of the fire service, an account will not be sent.

In terms of legislative provisions the person on whose behalf the service was rendered will have to pay the account.

Effectively this means that the person whose life or property was saved / protected will have to settle the account and not the person who reported the emergency.


How are blocks and grave numbers allocated to graves in Bloemfontein?

Blocks 7 grave numbers are allocated by the cemetery office 7 a register is kept with all relevant information about who is buried and where they are buried.

Is the reservation of graves permissible in Bloemfontein? If not, why?

No reservation of graves in a cemetery will be allowed with effect from September 2002.

Reservations made before this date will still be valid. The main reason is the shortage of space in relation to the current death rate.

Is it permissible to sell a previously reserved grave or to transfer reserved rights?

Yes, a reserved grave can be transferred to a new holder with the approval of the caretaker.

The application must be done in writing.

Under what conditions can a second person / family member be buried on top of the other one?

Two corpses may be buried in a grave that is at least 2 400mm deep.

Is the removal of ashes from one province to another permitted and what are the procedures?

Yes, the removal of ashes can be done between provinces with the written request and approval from the caretaker.

Under what conditions and guidelines can an exhumation be conducted?

This can be done only if written authority is obtained from the Premier of the Free State Province and if the Local Council is notified.

Such authority will be given to the caretaker at least eight working hours before the proposed time of exhumation together with a minimum payment.


Do I need a trading licence to start a business in Bloemfontein?

Not all businesses need to have trading licences, only businesses stipulated in Schedule 1 of the Business Act No 71 of 1991.

Which businesses require a license in Bloemfontein?

The following business need to apply:

Food sold or supplied in the form of a meal, or selling perishable Foodstuffs:

Restaurants, take-aways, café’s, caterers, milk shops, etc.

Health facilities or entertainment premises:

Turkish baths, saunas, health baths

Massage or infra-red treatment

Escorts agencies

Slot machines and electronic games

Snooker or billiard tables

Night clubs

Discothèques (Night Clubs)

Cinemas and theatres

Adult premises


Selling food and meals.

Which businesses must apply for a liquor licence in Bloemfontein?

All liquor selling outlets (bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, taverns etc) must have a liquor licence, but these licences are handled by the South African Police Services and the Free State Gambling and Liquor Board Building in Nelson Mandela Avenue.

What are the trading hours for Liquor Stores (Bottle Stores) in Bloemfontein?

Monday – Saturday from 08:00 am – 06:00 pm (including public holidays)

Closed: Sunday, Good Friday and Christmas Day


How and where do I lodge a noise complaint during the night in Bloemfontein?

The complainant can phone the Security unit’s 24 hours control room at 051 4066452.

The complainant will be visited by the security unit and be asked to submit an affidavit.

What must I do to host a house-party where noise might cause a nuisance in Bloemfontein?

Apply in writing to the Environmental Health Services Division for exemption of the stipulations of the noise regulations.

The applicant can be granted exemption pending some other related requirements are met.


What is the zoning of an erf / site and what is the building line and can a relaxation be granted in Bloemfontein?

This depends on where the erf / site are situated and to which town planning scheme area this belongs to.

Responses must be obtained from the Spatial Land Use Planning Division at 051-4058383